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frequently asked questions

  • what happens at a lesson?

Lessons start with stretching and a warmup prior to skating. Each lesson is tailored to the individual goals and experience of each participant. Coaches will work with you to help build confidence, provide tips to land tricks, and give guidance to navigate the skate park. You will leave the lesson more confident and have lots of new tips to help your at home practice!

  • do i have to wear pads?

Pads are recommended to be worn by all participants to minimise the impact of injury and are available to hire free of charge. All hired pads are cleaned after each use. Pads are not a requirement during a lesson; however participants must wear a helmet at all times

  • are the coaches qualified?

All our coaches are accredited Skate coaches and have a current WWCC and police check. Our coaches all love to skate and have an extensive amount of experience behind them.

  • will i get hurt?

We hope not! Please listen to our coaches as they will guide you with tips to help minimize injuries and falls. Skateboarding is a high-risk sport and falling off a skateboard is part of the journey. Our coaches are all first aid trained and care about your well-being. We understand that falling (even as an adult) hurts and we will take the time you need to rest and recover from a fall before encouraging you to join back in. This is included for children who may need a moment for comfort from a guardian before coming back to the lesson. We do not pressure anyone to get back on a skateboard until they are 100% ready. It’s ok to have a cry get it all out before being brave and joining back in. No judgement from us!

  • where can i buy a new skateboard?

We love our local which is Geelong Skate shop which is located 33 Yarra st in Geelong. If you need help with picking out a skateboard or accessories, have a chat to our coaches and they can point you in the right direction!


  • do i need to sign a waiver?

YES, please sign our waiver online here.

If you are under 18 please get a parent or guardian to fill it out for you. 

If having a lesson at The Park you will need to also sign their waiver.

  • what age is best to learn?

From age 4 and up children begin to have the confidence and the patience to listen to coaches, follow directions and safely navigate the skate park. Lessons are great for all ages including adults and grandparents! You are never too old to learn a new skill. Our coaches will work with you and your abilities to help you learn the ropes. 


  • do you have insurance?

Yes, we have public insurance and permits to offer lessons in public skate parks around Geelong.

  • do you offer group lessons?

Sure do! Keep an eye on our Instagram and booking page, we will have group lessons up and running soon. If you have a group of friends/staff/team that would like to book a lesson, then get in touch by sending us an email at

  • who can i contact to discuss a problem that i have?

Email us at

  • what if i need to cancel a lesson?

We understand that sometimes things come up! Please let us know as soon as possible to cancel a lesson. The best way to contact us is via email 3 hours notice is required if a lesson is to be cancelled. If your booking is for a lesson at 'The Park' their bookings and cancelation policy is enforced.

  • what if a coach needs to cancel a lesson?

We will give you 3 hours notice minimum if a lesson needs to be cancelled by one of our coaches. If the coach assigned to you cannot make it to the lesson, we will endeavour to assign another coach so that the lesson can still go ahead. Sometimes, a lesson may need to be cancelled due to things out of our control. In that case, we will contact you to make other arrangements. 

  • what do i wear?

Clothes offer a layer of protection when skateboarding as a barrier against concrete when falling and as barrier against the sun! Pants are always a great idea to cover up the knees however participants must wear shorts, t-shirt, helmet and closed toe shoes as a minimum. 

  • my kid is getting lessons do i stay and watch?

We have found that kids getting lessons do enjoy when their guardians hang around and watch. Often, they like to do the little look back to see if you caught them landing a trick when they are proud and want to show off! And sometimes if they fall, a quick cuddle from a loved one is all they need to get them back on the board again. If you would like to leave your child for a lesson, speak to our coaches to work something out. Any late pick-ups from a lesson result in a fee which is added to the price of the lesson to cover wages for supervision out of regular hours. Please remember that children are not performing for your entertainment, while they are learning we ask that you do not interfere during a lesson and allow the coach to do their job.

  • what if it is raining or too hot?

We will try our best to work undercover! If that is not possible then your lesson will be moved to our favourite indoor skate park The Park in North Geelong to ensure the lesson can still go ahead.

- how much does it cost?

Check out our rates page here.

-i'm having a birthday, event or idea and i want you there!

We would love to be there! Send us an email at and we can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

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